IMCap's investment strategy is based on 3 pillars:

We invest in companies

  • whose sustainable competitive advantage is based on a solid technological basis in an attractive market environment
  • that have sustainable business models with clear growth and profit prospects
  • that are currently undergoing an upscale or transformation process we can support actively
Companies currently seeking change, growth or realignment have the ideal prerequisites for our operational approach. Many small cap companies in the technology sector need to improve their business processes and organisation e.g. sales controlling, operational controlling, finance, HR, etc. to be able to make their next growth step. We can provide both capital and operational know-how to support this business development. This way we can jointly create long term growth and new perspectives.

Typical investment reasons

We only invest if we can identify clear value creation levers. Examples:
  • Strategic realignment of a company, e.g.
    • Creation and extension of sales channels
    • Investments to strengthen and expand the technological base
    • Digital transformation
    • Transition towards SaaS-business models
  • Buy-and-build strategies
  • Management Buy-out/-in
  • Succession planning for companies and families
  • Corporate carve-outs