IMCap Partners invests in small technology specialists. As a partner-owned investment firm, we support businesses in their development towards established technology companies by providing operational know-how and capital.

Our main focus is operational value creation by supporting strong management teams. The broad and diverse experience of our partner group covers both operational experience in the technology sector and investment expertise. We support managers to make the right strategic decisions, without interfering in the daily business.

How do we support our portfolio companies during the different phases?

At the beginning of our cooperation

During the due diligence phase and prior to signing a purchase agreement, we develop a joint operational improvement program together with the management team („Full Potential Program“ – FPP).

This program defines the strategic development roadmap plus a number of very specific short- to mid-term initiatives. Capacity requirements and program format are tailored to the specific needs and constraints of small technology companies. The program is backed by ressources and an organizational concept that helps to safeguard a systematic implementation and monitoring of the initiatives and their outcomes.

This joint program is also the base for any capital requirements and the financial plan of the next years.


On day 1 after signing the purchase agreement we start our operational support. Together with the management we start the operational implementation of the FPP, help to build the first FPP project organization und support the implementation of specific special initiatives, e.g. setup of CRM-, ERP- and performance controlling infrastructures.

Our main concern however is the continuous discussion of relevant topics as a sparring partner for management. We support our management teams by bringing our broad experience to the table. This covers typical challenges of small technology companies such as creation and extension of sales channels, transition towards SaaS-business models, improvement of development quality and productivity, scaling of business infrastructure, etc. In addition, we also provide access to selected experts and partners from our network if needed.

Apart from this operational topics, we also help to continuously develop the FPP and the company through discussion of more strategic topics.

During the exit phase

Investment firms own companies for a limited time period only. We do not however stick to fixed maximum investment periods, but give companies the time required to reach their next development step. We aim towards long-term value creation, not optimization of quarterly reports. In line with our goals, management teams we be incentivised as to benefit most when creating long-term value.